B l a c k c e l o n a

Any metropolis is a formidable fabric, a tentacular mess, a deafening polyphony where what is most evident in broad daylight hides its darker features, its more sinister face and the myriad details of anxiety, loneliness and failure.

Blackcelona charts a journey into the greyer tones of that urban polychromy, guiding us through the chiaroscuro that engulfs the city's very morphology and the creatures that inhabit it.

The images in Blackcelona build a story where a narrative thread is suggested from the first to the last picture but, rather than establishing an unambiguous account, the book is an invitation to an experience; an aesthetic adventure seasoned with the grotesque, the dark, the occult ...

1st Edition: DALPINE

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PRESS: Professor Franz Gotze / Colin Pantall / Fotografia Magazine / YET Magazine  / Dazed / Quesabesde  /Détour 

Shortlisted for the Rencontrres d'Arles Author Book Award 2016