Black Ice, Moscow

A thin and an invisible ice layer, which makes the free movement difficult. An invisible barrier which has a fearful influence on us when moving from one place to another. Leaning in a kind of imaginary wall which makes our path easier and which makes decisions for us. The city is an alien nucleus, full of companions, but empty of partners, transported by an intangible flow. Moscow is the Soviet paradigm, an enormous city. It looks like there is a dislocation in its inhabitants due to the impact of a complex reality, of the result of a convulsed history, which has gone from the tsarist feudalism to the dictatorship of the proletariat, and from communism to the recent economic liberalism. Nowadays, it is not completely different. Puttin is carrying out a kind of politics based on the accumulation of power and on the concentration of powers in the Russian Federation instead of a real democracy.